Mean Girls Jr. 2023


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Cady Heron may have grown up on an African savanna, but nothing prepared her for the wild

and vicious ways of her strange new home: suburban Illinois. How will this naïve newbie rise

to the top of the popularity pecking order? By taking on The Plastics, a trio of lionized

frenemies led by the charming but ruthless Regina George. Cady and her friends devise a

"Revenge Party" to end Regina’s reign with Cady going undercover as an aspiring Plastic.

When the lines between the real Cady and her Plastic self get blurred, she must find her way

back to herself and her true friends.


Damian - Co-chair of the Student Activities Committee and Janis’s best friend. Damian is

smart, witty, and confident and he occasionally serves as the show’s narrator.

Janis Sarkisian - After a falling-out with Regina in middle school, she became a bit of a

social outcast and still holds a grudge against Regina. Damian is her best friend.

Cady Heron - A transfer student who is quickly wrapped up in brutal social politics. Cady is

kind, self-assured, and levelheaded, but becomes unrecognizable when she goes undercover

with the Plastics.

Ms. Norbury - Cady’s teacher, who oversees the Mathletes. Though she is a bit jaded and

more than a little sarcastic, Ms. Norbury sees the real Cady and encourages her to be true to


Regina George - The undisputed Queen Bee of North Shore High School. She’s confident,

clever, and completely unbothered by anyone else’s opinion. While Regina purposefully

manipulates everyone around her (including her own mom), at her heart, she’s trying to fit in,

just like everyone else. 

Gretchen Wieners - Regina’s stressed-out second-in-command. As much as Regina appears

not to care what people think, Gretchen cares very much, and she’s especially paranoid when

it comes to Regina.

Karen Smith - The third member of the Plastics. While Karen’s lack of intelligence is a

running joke, she sees the other girls more clearly than most people and is the most laid back

of the three. 

Aaron Samuels - A nice guy who has no idea that he’s the high school heartthrob. He

doesn’t enjoy the drama of high school social politics, and gets used as a pawn between

Cady and Regina.

Mrs. Heron and Mr. Heron - Cady's parents.

Mr. Duvall - The school principal. Like Ms. Norbury, he’s seen it all, although he’s slightly

more formal and sincere than Ms. Norbury’s sarcasm.

Shane Oman - A couple of spoken lines but much discussed in the show's plot.

Kevin G - Captain of the Mathletes! He’s confident and excited about competing with the

team, and he’s proud of their accomplishments. 

Martin - Kevin G' second in command.

Mrs. George - Desperate to be a "cool mom".

Ensemble - Party Guests, Debate Team, Dance Team, Show Choir, Mathletes, and Students.

Cast Taylor, Caitlyn, Rachel, Caroline Krafft, Tony, Marymount Captain, Teary Girl, Mathletes

Moderater Sonja Acquino, Glenn Cocco, Dawn, Grace, Lizzie, Sophie, and Jason form the


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